Food Allergens

What do I need to know about Food Allergens & their impact on Food Safety?

There are 14 allergens that must be declared if used as an ingredient in either prepacked foods or food sold loose. This requirement is set out under the Food Information to Consumers (FIC) legislation Regulation (EU) No. 1169/201

Allergens are the largest single cause of global food product recalls. The Food Standards Agency latest Annual Incident Report states allergens (14%) were one of the largest contributors to the total number of recorded incidents in 2015.

Food Safety Excellence allergen consultants are recognised for providing up to date support and advice to the food industry. Our consultants provide knowledge and advice for future legislation and guidance documents.

At Food Safety Excellence Ireland, we can support you with:

  • Independent expert allergen risk assessment and mitigation programs
  • Future-proofing allergen control systems
  • Providing expert opinions in the event of allergen related incidents, recalls and withdrawals
  • We also provide a comprehensive range of allergen training, covering risk assessment, validations and surveillance programmes.

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