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Meet The Team – Food Safety Excellence Ireland
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Meet The Team

Caroline McNamara
Managing Director
With a diverse background in Business Studies in the Hospitality Industry and over 15 years working in food safety both in retail and catering, Caroline has built FSEI to the successful company it is today. She leads a team of food safety professionals in delivering a unique customer-driven food safety support service and one she says “her customers deserve”. With clients trusting Caroline for over 15 years, Caroline values every client, big or small. Her enthusiasm after all of these years is directly from the passion she has for the job and believes in the programmes they deliver to clients.
Heather Murphy
Office Manager
Heather holds a degree in Finance and is responsible for all aspects of the finance and accounting function, human resources and also the commercial side of the business in FSEI. She previously worked in the Financial Services Sector and has over 17 years of experience in financial services, project management and managing client’s needs and expectations. She focuses on delivering a professional and strong customer service at all times, without compromising her high standards and quality.
Aine Feeney
Food Safety Consultant
Aine graduated from UCD with a degree in Food Science, following her degree she has now been in the food industry for over ten years. Aine started out in the health food manufacturing sector, moving to frozen food production and on to Quality Manager of Ireland’s largest pet food production site. In these roles, she has led audits of many types, BRC, IFS, DAFM and audits with all the leading retailers in Britain and across Europe. This in-depth experience has led her to develop a firm knowledge and skill set in food safety, and the importance of the application of food safety in the practical sense in busy manufacturing sites and kitchens. Aine brings experience and knowledge of legislation, best practice and tried and tested methods of improvement to all her clients to ensure that they are always maintaining the highest possible standards of food safety.
Sarah Fizelle
Food Safety Consultant
Sarah joined Food Safety Excellence Ireland in July 2019 bringing with her a vast amount of Food Safety Knowledge. Having worked in the hospitality industry for over 25 years as a chef and Executive Head Chef, Sarah fully understands the operational requirements, challenges, and complications when it comes to ensuring that your business is fully compliant. Sarah’s objective is to assist with and streamline the food safety regulations necessary for the client to operate its business in full compliance with the law. Sarah truly enjoys helping people to achieve these requirements and has also implemented HACCP systems from the ground up both in 852 and 853 operations.
Aoife Hayes
Food Safety Consultant
Aoife graduated in 2018 from TUD- Cathal Brugha Street with a (Hons.) BSc in Nutraceuticals in Health and Nutrition. Aoife then went on to UCD and studied a Masters in Food Safety and Risk Analysis where she developed her expertise in the area of food safety and gained theoretical and practical skills to manage food safety within food companies. Throughout college, Aoife gained experience working within the dairy industry as a Laboratory Technician. Since graduating in 2019, Aoife worked as a Laboratory Analyst within the food industry for almost 4 years where she further developed her food safety skills in HACCP, microbiological testing and audits.
Katelyn Acton Hogan
Food Safety Consultant
Recently graduated with a (Honours) BSc in Public Health Nutrition, from ATU Galway. Katelyn holds a strong passion for food and food safety. Katelyn has a strong focus on ensuring FSEI clients have the highest level of food safety and manages a variety of our clients to help design and implement food safety management systems, deliver food safety training to all levels and conduct food safety audits. Katelyn’s passion is in providing support & guidance to FSEI clients in all aspects of Safety offering peace of mind as they concentrate on the smooth operation of their business.

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